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Say Hello to Emanuel Obreja!

Essex based Emanuel has been with Get A Drip Franchise since February 2021. We chatted to him about the challenge of setting up a business during lockdown and what he enjoys most about being a franchisee.

Emanuel Obreja standing outside a house

Emanuel, tell us about your professional background

I was born in Romania and I came to England in 2013. I am from a medical background and after graduating from Nursing School I started my professional experience as a volunteer with the Ambulance crew before moving on to work at a dialysis centre in Romania. When I came to the UK my first job was a healthcare assistant in a Nursing Home and I then went on to work as a Senior Staff Nurse at The Harley Street Clinic.

What made you want to join GAD?

I have had an interest in Vitamin Therapy since first reading about its benefits 10 years ago. A colleague of mine introduced me to Get A Drip in 2020 and it really appealed to my entrepreneurial side. I was looking for an opportunity that would allow me to spend more time with my family, while still doing something that I love. Get A Drip was perfect. I love trying new things and also I like the flexibility which GAD offers. The team are nice and always available to help as needed. Also, having all of the necessary systems in place makes life so much easier as a franchisee.

How did you find launching your franchise during lockdown?

I felt that this was an opportunity as life was not as busy and I had more time to take it slow and learn effectively.
I also found that due to lockdown people were more considerate of their health and were more open to the benefits of Vitamin Therapy. My business has grown month on month with a high percentage of repeat clients which is great.

What is the best thing about being a Get A Drip franchisee?

The best thing about owning a Get A Drip franchise is the flexibility which I have. I’m still working in the hospital 2 days per week which keeps my skills up to date, but owning my own franchise gives me more time with my family. I also receive all the support which I need in running my business, such as help answering medical questions, managing bookings and marketing support. We also have a dedicated Business Development Manager who meets with us 1:1 on a regular basis to help us grow our business.

What are your aims for your business for the future?

My aim for the future is to do many pop up events to continue to teach people about the benefits of Drips and Boosters and raise awareness for Vitamin Therapy. Currently I operate on a mobile basis offering treatment in clients homes, I would eventually like my own static clinic in Kent and Essex.

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