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Our Story

“The idea for Get A Drip first came to me when I was
admitted to intensive care in 2010 with Ketoacidosis, due to
complications with my Type 1 Diabetes. It got me thinking how
great I felt after having an IV Drip as part of my treatment.
Following this, I was continually in and out of hospital for the
next 7 years due to issues related to a reduced immune system,
where often as part of the treatment I would be hooked up to
an IV Drip.

After researching the options available to me I realised that
Vitamin Drips are really expensive and not accessible to anyone
except the super wealthy! I decided to change this. After years
researching the benefits of drips and studying the work of
Dr. John Myers (the vitamin drip pioneer), Get A Drip finally came into fruition in October 2017.” – Richard Chambers, CEO 


October 2017

Get A Drip Founded by Richard Chambers

May 2018

First 100K revenue taken

May 2019

Shoreditch opened

May 2019

First 1M revenue taken

May 2019

Westfield Clinic opened

November 2019

Won 'Most Innovative Wellness Product' Award

August 2020

First Mobile Franchisee

December 2020

Canary Wharf Clinic opened

June 2021

Dublin Franchise Clinic opened

October 2021

Stratford Clinic opened

November 2021

Second International Franchise opened

GAD Pharma opening

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Our Team

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